Honeymoon Problem

I'm sure lots of honeymooners have this problem- We sure did. You are on your honeymoon, you are taking pictures of your spouse, they are taking pictures of you, and of course you get those cute closeups of your faces smushed together...but that's about it... unless you're asking the bartender (which is not my husband's style).

No tripod, no third person to take a picture- What's a gal to do? MAKE a tripod! While I was creating a makeshift tripod, my husband (sneakily) took some pictures of me with his iPad. When I saw them- I couldn't stop laughing.

Here's the step-by-step.

1.) Decide where you want to set up your camera to take an awesome picture with an even more awesome background. 2.) Find tall and sturdy furniture and stack. 3.) Pray that your camera doesn't fall over and set your camera timer.

Disclaimer: No cameras were hurt in the making. Try at your own risk!

Dragging/stacking/inspecting my tripod

The framable picture we took with the tripod!

Another makeshift tripod at our second hotel- and the result!