Friday Bride Day Launch- Do we really need an engagement session?

So it's Friday... You know what that means, well not yet, but you will! Friday Bride Day is going to be a feature every Friday on my blog featuring a question from a bride! If you have any questions about wedding photography, weddings in general, or cute, small animals... email them to Now onto the question for today: Do we really need an engagement session?

Yes! Let me give you three reasons why.

1- It helps us get to know each other. Usually I meet all my brides and grooms for a consultation before they book with me. Well, that consultation may be an entire year before your wedding. That's a whole lotta time! I want you to feel comfortable with me on your wedding day, and an engagement session helps us get comfortable with each other.

2- An engagement session helps you to get comfortable in front of the camera. Some people freeze when they are in front of the camera (myself included). They start wondering "What should I do with my hands?" "Should I smile?" I will guide you through all of these questions as I help you pose naturally and comfortably- that way on your wedding day, you've already had a taste of it.

3- Lastly, engagement sessions are a great way to capture the two of you for some wonderful artwork- whether it be for your walls or your Save the Dates! It's great to have options besides just the shots of you on your wedding day. I love having canvases of my husband and I in our casual clothes from our engagement shoot in addition to our wedding shots.

I hope you enjoyed this first edition of Friday Bride Day!