South Jersey Wedding Photographer: The Importance of a Wedding Album

So many clients want digital files, and I get it... IF you are planning to do something with them. Let's face it, life gets busy, and after the wedding, wedding planning is soon filled with another task, hobby, or priority. Then there is choosing your favorite photos- it can be a daunting task when left with hundreds of digitals and no guidance from a professional who's well-versed in album design. You may have all of your digital files, but what do you have to show for it? The reality of it is, most people are so busy, and while they have good intentions to make an album, or have prints and canvases made, they just don't have the time.  

It's important to have a wedding album... but not just a wedding album made on a consumer website, a *professional album.* A leather cover, thick pages, and great quality... quality that says 'this book is going to make it to my children's children' because photographs are precious. They capture a time in someone's lives that words could never explain and I think that every couple needs an heirloom to pass down and that deserves more than a skimpy book!

Here are some photographs of a recent wedding album from Kelly & Kevin's wedding at Barn on Bridge. Their wedding was so gorgeous it needed two blog posts, check them out here and here.  I love the color of leather they chose, it's so vibrant and fun.