South Jersey Children Photographer

Smithville Mansion Children's Photographer: Blake is one!

Blake is turning one today, and to document this special time, we met at Smithville Mansion in Mount Holly to get some great shots of him and his awesome mommy and daddy. We had a great time exploring and finding fun spots to entertain a one-year-old. Blake is a totally happy, smiley guy- which makes my job easier! To make him the happiest little guy ever- we ended with a cake smash! Didn't his mommy do an awesome job coordinating his outfit and this adorable cake?! Happy Birthday, Blake! Keep smiling :)

South Jersey Children Photographer: 9 Months Old

About one year ago, Lauren contacted me to take her maternity photographs. I was delighted- she was an absolutely stunning momma-to-be! Who would have thought that almost a year later I would be photographing her 9-month-old and I would be the pregnant one?! Oh the irony! Meet Autumn. She's nine months old and JUST as happy and smiley as her momma! She's a photographer's dream- happy and keeping constant eye contact with me- unheard of!

Seeing how adorable Lauren, Tony, and Autumn were made me sooooo excited for my little girl! What more could you want except a happy little family?

About one year ago....


This makes my heart melt


New Jersey Children Photographer: Alaina is two!

On a Saturday morning, I went over to Alaina's house to capture her adorableness at two-years-old in her backyard. Alaina is a sweet little girl who loves her mama, pups, and playing with her dad. I'm so thankful for sweet little girls like her because it helps me imagine what my sweet pea could be like- and it's so comforting! We got some shots on a turquoise chair that Candice (Alaina's mom) thrifted and painted- absolutely adorable! We had fun blowing bubbles, playing with a chalkboard, and playing with the pups. Enjoy!

Cooper River- One Year Old Shoot- Andria

As you might have noticed, I have quite a few nieces and nephews. Today, my youngest niece turned one! I cannot believe how quickly time flies by! A couple of weeks ago we went to Cooper River Park for a one-year-old session. The best sessions always get a little messy at the end with a cake smash! Happy Birthday, Andria! <3