rainy wedding day

What if it rains on my wedding day?

You’ve been making plans big and small, and countless decision, but there’s one decision (unfortunetly) that we have no control over- the weather. One of the most common questions I get from brides is, “What happens if it rains on my wedding day?” Here are five stages of rain preparation on a wedding day that I want to let you in on- when rain might be on the way.


1- Don’t check the weather too soon- or too often.

This was a bad habit of mine. If I had a wedding coming up on Saturday, I would be checking the weather starting on Monday, several times a day, and every day after that. Stop! This is completely draining, and the forecast will most likely change SO much. This is a fast lane to panic. Check a few days prior, and not more than once a day after. Which brings us to my next point.


2- If you see rain is definitely in your forecast- make an umbrella purchase.

I love the Totes clear bubble umbrella- paired with Amazon Prime and you are prepared! If it rains, you’ll be all set, and if it doesn’t, you can easily return them. I keep a handful with me, but like all umbrellas, they can break fairly easily, so I suggest brides have some on hand.


3- If it’s raining on your wedding day for sure- let’s take to overhangs.

Now it’s your wedding day and it’s for sure raining. First, don’t panic! This is YOUR WEDDING DAY. The day you marry your best friend- not even rain can stop the beauty that is about to unfold. There is always SOMEWHERE to shoot. It’s my job to make any situation work, so that’s what we are going to do. If it’s spitting or simply not down pouring, we can go for the umbrellas. But say it’s raining harder, and it’s just too much to risk- let’s look for overhangs. Can we put you under the overhang and I can shoot from an umbrella in the rain? Perfect.


4-It’s down pouring and just down right inclement. Let’s find beauty inside your venue.

You chose your wedding venue because you found beauty in it. We’ll look in for all the charming nooks to make sure your wedding photographs are truly unforgettable. This can be challenging but it pushes the creativity of your photographer (aka me)- it’s a great experience to learn and really push the creativity to the next level.


5- You can count on a gorgeous sky surrounding rain.

Whether it’s just about to rain, or it has finally ended- you can count on the most gorgeous sky, creating another photo op for us! So whether there is rain in the forecast or not- no worries, what seems like such a giant piece of the day, will soon become a sweet memory of just how your wedding day unfolded and you’ll have the beautiful photos to relive it.


*A lot of these tips can apply to other forms of inclement weather including extreme heat, winds, or raining cats and dogs.*