Friday Bride Day- Pinterest Inspiration

Do photographers like when you share your Pinterest boards with them? I LOVE Pinterest. I'm actually sorta sad because it didn't exist three years ago when I was a bride! I think Pinterest has definitely stepped up the game in DIY weddings and I love it! Many of my brides share their Pinterest boards with me and I think it's great because it gives me a better idea of their style and if they are photography pins- a better idea of the type of photographs they would like.

On the other hand, it can also hinder a photographer's creativity if you give them a 10-page printout of your pins and you want every shot on the page. Compromise is the way to go in this situation. Pick a handful of your absolute favorite pins to share with your photographer, and let your photographer put their own creative spin on it! That way they are not being put into the uncomfortable place of recreating someone else's work and they can use their own creativity, to give you something unique!

Here's an example of a Pinterest inspired shot with my gorgeous bride, Jess, and her groom, Justin. P.S. She MADE this sign- so creative!