Barn on Bridge Wedding Photographer: Kelly's Getting Ready

A lot of people ask me what my favorite part of a wedding day is... and that's a really tough question. There is so much goodness in one day- everyone is soooo overjoyed and dressed their best. One of my favorite parts of the day, is photographing the bride getting ready. It happens so naturally and unfolds beautifully. During this time, brides need very little direction and maybe because they are focused on their gorgeous gown, they don't really notice the camera. Not to mention, all of the gorgeous details I get to photograph- the shoes, the jewelry, the sash... all so pretty! I love to spend at least an hour with my brides getting ready, and of course I'll take more time if I can, because I love to capture them on their happiest day, wearing the most beautiful gown, hair and makeup perfectly done, and so much excitement in their hearts. We also did a "First Look" with the bride and her bridesmaids- that was adorable (see below)!


Here's the story of one beautiful bride, on her best day ever- Kelly at Barn on Bridge.

Makeup: Christine, Strong Beauty 

Hair: Angela Leap