My Life: Mom of a Robot on Halloween

My daughter is a toddler. Anyone who knows a toddler knows they can be highly opinionated and not easily coaxed into things (most times). I knew I wanted to handcraft a Halloween costume for her, and I wanted her to have some input, but of course, I wanted the final say. In the beginning of October, she wanted to be a bumble bee, and as the month went on, a dragon, a dinosaur, a "pumpkin face," aka jack-o-lantern, and lastly, a robot. Her desire to be a robot did not waver as I tried talking her into being a pumpkin face again (that costume looked much easier to make, and I wouldn't have to worry about her falling while trick-or-treating with a box around her). Well, she won, and a robot she was :) 

The details- humor me

Medium Moving Box: Home Depot

Tulle skirt/Paint/Wooden Hearts: Handmade by me, tulle from JoAnn Fabric

Silver Bracelets: Dryer vent hose from Home Depot

Reconstructed Antenna: A red headband with hearts, wrapped in hot pink Duck Tape and tulle from JoAnn Fabric

Silver Shoes: Carter's

I hope one day she looks back at these photos and gives me some major mommy credit, until then, I can imagine myself sitting at the kitchen table at midnight, painting Styrofoam balls as planets, because let's be real- we'll do anything for our babes!