Barclay Farmstead Photographer: The Kyler Family

One Sunday morning, I met up with this adorable family of four, to capture their first family photograph. (Holy alliteration.) We headed to Barclay Farmstead, and what an awesome little spot it was! Rustic, rustic, and more rustic. They are such an adorable family with such fun and well-behaved kids, and just all-round awesome parents. 

South Jersey Children Photographer: 9 Months Old

About one year ago, Lauren contacted me to take her maternity photographs. I was delighted- she was an absolutely stunning momma-to-be! Who would have thought that almost a year later I would be photographing her 9-month-old and I would be the pregnant one?! Oh the irony! Meet Autumn. She's nine months old and JUST as happy and smiley as her momma! She's a photographer's dream- happy and keeping constant eye contact with me- unheard of!

Seeing how adorable Lauren, Tony, and Autumn were made me sooooo excited for my little girl! What more could you want except a happy little family?

About one year ago....


This makes my heart melt


Cooper River Two-Year-Old Session: Holden

Holden is turning two. Feels like just yesterday I was photographing his first birthday- turns out it was a year ago :) This year, he moves much faster, talks more, and is even more adorable with his cute little hairdo (if that's possible!). We met at Cooper River to have some fun, which included: playing with a trash truck, a soccer ball, a chalkboard, and let's not forget chasing me around like a dinosaur. In conclusion- a totally fun evening! Holden is a happy little guy and I think we totally captured that!

This is Holden last year- now look at him!

I'm not sure what was so funny- but this makes my heart smile!

This is what getting chased by a dinosaur looks like!

Such a cute & happy family!

Katelyn is One!

You may have seen Katelyn on the blog before... I photographed her about a year ago when she was just born (and just a teenie little babe) and also this summer in LBI. With Christmas was upon us, we got some shots of Katelyn in her Christmas pjs near the tree. Then we ventured outside for sunlight and playtime. There was a gorgeous blueberry farm behind us and her favorite two pups running around us. It was the perfect backdrop! Enjoy!

Five tips for amazing Christmas photographs

Let's face it, the holiday season is hands down, the best ever! So we've gotta capture it! Read below for five tips for amazing Christmas photographs.

1- Choose a versatile location.. This season I chose to hold holiday mini sessions at Smithville Mansion. There are so many different textures and backgrounds, I could shoot there all day!

2. BYOF (bring your own flair) We came prepared with tinsel, ornaments, and Christmas lights.

3. Get sweet. It's cold outside! If you have a cutie in need of some bribing- a candy cane always helps ;)

4. Santa hats. It's okay to get silly for a couple of shots in a santa hat!

5. Sneak in a couple of non-holiday pictures. So the shots you took in your Santa hats probably won't make the cut for a canvas on the wall. Make sure you get a couple of shots sans decorations.

Penns Landing: Fall Family Session

We were so happy to greet Meghan, Dave, and baby Sophie on Black Friday for a long weekend. The Z family is one of our closest friends, but they live too far away... in Massachusetts. Our relationship has been a long-distance one from the beginning, when I first met Dave and Meghan in Aruba (my husband's family vacationed with their family throughout their childhood). Dave and Meghan might look familiar from their maternity session shot in Aruba, or baby Sophie's newborn pics seen here or even Sophie's baptism. We went to Penn's Landing in Philadelphia, and Smithville Mansion the next morning. This is just a portion of the blast we had that weekend. Miss you already Z family!!!!

Smithville Mansion: A Very Ahern Christmas

I may be somewhat partial to this session... it is my fabulous family. Meet my sister-in-law, Lisa, and her husband, Dave, and their two adorable children <3 I feel like I have been documenting their lives for the past two years since they moved back to New Jersey. We also had Pete (Dave's brother) and his son come to hang out at Smithville Mansion. I had a great time chasing around three small children in Santa hats and trying to make them smile... let's just say there was lots of bribing involved. Enjoy! <3

Smithville Mansion: Christmas with the Kervicks

On a chilly Saturday morning, I met the Kervick family at Smithville Mansion in Eastampton (one of my favorite places) for some Christmas pictures. They came in coordinating jackets, practicially stepping out of J.Crew. Did I mention this is one of my favorite families to photograph? I've shot their wedding photographs and Holden's first birthday photographs, and it's undeniable, they are one of the most photogenic families ever! Holden, I hope Santa brings you all the presents in the world!

Family Funday

On a warm October morning, I met up with Casey, Frank, their adorable son, Frankie... oh and their cutie boston terrier. Casey and Frank had celebrated their five-year wedding anniversary (though they have been together for quite some time), and their adorable, blue-eyed son, Frankie, just turned two this summer. We played soccer, went down the slide, gave the doggy treats and just had some good old-fashioned fun! I love watching families interact with each other, it is so precious- and those are the moments I love to capture. Thanks for letting me capture this gorgeous morning of a day in the life of the Conn family!

Kevin is six months!

I first met Kevin when he was just a newborn back in April. Life at six months is a little different now. Kevin is moving around, holding his bottle, and playing with his best bud- Cooper. Kevin's parents, Heather and Steve, might be the happiest parents I've ever met. We had a chance to sit and chat while we were waiting for Kevin to wake up from a nap and the way they talk about him is so adorable. It was even more adorable when Kevin woke up and I got to see Heather and Steve in full-on parent mode. They are such an adorable, smiley, little family. Here are some shots we got to celebrate Kevin turning six months old. ...and check out Kevin's adorable Halloween costume! Enjoy!