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Downtown Moorestown Engagement: Lindsey and Mark

I met Lindsey about four years ago in grad school. Lindsey is hilarious, fun to be around, and just adventurous in general. Now fast forward to 2012, Lindsey and I were driving to an engagement session at the gorgeous Wissahickon Trail, she was assisting me (yes, she's creative too, talk about the total package) and she was telling me about a wonderful guy she met and how amazing he was- enter Mark. Mark is great. He's sweet, kind, AND adventurous, just like Lindsey. They love to travel, cook, and enjoy life together. They are perfect together, and if you know them, I'm sure you agree!

For Lindsey and Mark's engagement session, we met on Main Street in Moorestown- one of my favorite places. Then we headed to Boundary Creek just before sunset to finish up and I'm SO GLAD we did. We ended up with one of the most gorgeous sunsets I have ever seen! We stayed until the sky was completely black, soaking up each bit of the pink and purple sky. The last shot included in this post is my all-time favorite sunset photo. 

I couldn't be happier to be photographing Lindsey and Mark's wedding at the Glasbern Inn, in July (woohoo a fellow July bride, like me). It's going to be nothing short of amazing.

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Brandywine State Park Engagement: Caitlin & Tom

I love the winter nights- coffee, warm blankets, and blogging. I'm so happy I get to share the fabulous engagement session between Caitlin and Tom tonight. Caitlin and Tom choose the Brandywine State Park for their engagement session- little did I know how stunning of a setting they chose and how adorable the two of them are together. I knew I liked them from the very beginning- our FaceTime consultation. They showed me their two, adorable Yorkie pups, so I had to grab Pixel (my little old man Yorkie) and the rest is history- maybe we'll have a puppy play date soon... But seriously, Caitlin and Tom were amazing and we seriously shot until the sun went down... and then for ten more minutes after (or else I would have kept going). I cannot wait until their wedding in September at White Clay Creek!