wedding day schedule

Friday Bride Day- Wedding Day Schedule

How can I make sure my wedding day goes as smoothly as possible? All brides want a flawless wedding day with no disasters. One way to avoid disaster is to make a schedule. Sounds silly right? We get ready, go to the church and go to the reception- so what is there to schedule? Face it- a bridesmaid forgot her shoes at her house, the boutonnieres weren't delivered to the correct place, the best man is missing and your uncle is late! I find that sitting with my brides and creating a schedule for their big day really helps to avoid disasters (and sometimes even hiccups) on their big day. I also encourage the bride to share the schedule with their bridal party and family. It is so important to let the key players of your day know your expectations prior to the day of the wedding. I'm not saying to print out a copy for each member in the bridal party and have them take an oath to memorize it- but to at least take a look at it before the wedding day. I have an assistant with a watch and the schedule printed out to help keep us all on time!

Here's a sample schedule below.

12:00 PM • Photographer arrives to bride (Bridesmaids should have hair and makeup finished. Bride should be finishing up.) • Photographer arrives to groom

1:00 PM • Groom and Groomsmen leave for church

1:15 PM • Bride and Bridesmaids leave for church

2:00 PM • Ceremony Begins

2:45 PM • Formal Exit- Rose Pedals (Photographers will assemble guests)

3:00 PM • Family Formal Portraits at Church

3:30 PM • Leave for Reception Venue

4:00 PM • Bridal Party Portraits (All Bridal Party meet in the front entrance of venue directly after exiting limo)

4:30 PM • Bride and Groom Formal Portraits

5:00 PM • Bride and Groom leave to enjoy remainder of cocktail hour

6:00 PM • Reception Begins

10:00 PM • Reception Ends

Even with a schedule, there might be times throughout the day where things are running ahead or behind, but I find that working with a schedule tremendously helps the flow of the wedding day. I would love to hear about your thoughts on a schedule. Are you planning on having one? Why or why not?