Friday Bride Day: Who do I need to feed?

This week's question is a common one: Do I have to feed my vendors? It's a question every bride has to think about... do you feed your photographer, dj, musicians, etc?

A wedding day can be a very long day- especially for a photographer. The photographer is with you when you get into your dress until the last dance... of course we are having a blast, but we do get hungry too! I would suggest anyone who is going to be working at your wedding for four or more hours is probably worthy of a meal. I'm pretty sure it's a known fact- people that have full bellies are happier workers than hungry workers! If you aren't sure, just ask! Some vendors actually require meals or they may leave your wedding to get a meal- better to just ask before the big day so everyone is on the same page.

Cheers to delish wedding food and happy vendors <3