South Jersey Wedding Photographer: The Importance of a Wedding Album

So many clients want digital files, and I get it... IF you are planning to do something with them. Let's face it, life gets busy, and after the wedding, wedding planning is soon filled with another task, hobby, or priority. Then there is choosing your favorite photos- it can be a daunting task when left with hundreds of digitals and no guidance from a professional who's well-versed in album design. You may have all of your digital files, but what do you have to show for it? The reality of it is, most people are so busy, and while they have good intentions to make an album, or have prints and canvases made, they just don't have the time.  

It's important to have a wedding album... but not just a wedding album made on a consumer website, a *professional album.* A leather cover, thick pages, and great quality... quality that says 'this book is going to make it to my children's children' because photographs are precious. They capture a time in someone's lives that words could never explain and I think that every couple needs an heirloom to pass down and that deserves more than a skimpy book!

Here are some photographs of a recent wedding album from Kelly & Kevin's wedding at Barn on Bridge. Their wedding was so gorgeous it needed two blog posts, check them out here and here.  I love the color of leather they chose, it's so vibrant and fun.


Styled Pink's First Annual Boudoir Sessions

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Camden County Boathouse Wedding: Katherine & Emanuel

It was a sunny and humid afternoon as Katherine stepped into her stunning gown, the final step of getting ready before leaving for the Camden County Boathouse on Cooper River, to marry Emanuel. Her bridesmaids by her side, in shades of blush, with finishing gold details. While the girls were getting ready, Emanuel was getting ready himself, as well as getting, their son ready. As a momma, I know how precious it is to see your hubby and child together, and I am so happy we could capture these moments for the boys to remember and for Katherine to see!

The plan was to see each other at the aisle for the first time, but with reports of harsh thunderstorms just hours away, Katherine and Emanuel opted to do a First Look and boy, am I glad they did. Not just because their bridal party photographs were absolutely gorgeous outside before the storm rolled in, but because their First Look was so beautiful- on a dock, with their son, and the excitement that he just couldn't hold in. Not to mention, they attended their cocktail hour- sounds like a pretty perfect wedding day to me! Katherine and Emanuel shared their first dance and I nearly cried behind my camera (how I spend many weekends). They have a love that is so sweet and I was so thankful to be the one to capture the love story of their wedding day AND their first professional family photograph- what an honor! Here's to many, many years of happiness and health! Congrats Mr. & Mrs. Rivera!

Barn on Bridge Wedding Photographer: (More!) Kelly & Kevin

Kelly and Kevin are a couple that everyone wants to be around, they are both hilarious and so animated! They are also soooo in love! Their engagement session was a dream to shoot- it was easy to see how much they adore each other and translated so well on camera. Needless to say, I was pumped for their wedding at The Barn on Bridge in Collegeville, Pennsylvania to watch the two of them have the time of their lives with their closest friends and family. 

Some of my favorite highlights of their day:

-Kelly's father peeking over her shoulder as she read a card from her future hubby the morning of their wedding.

-Their rescue greyhound, Fabio, as a handsome Ring Bearer.

-A super silly co-matron-of-honor speech.

-The groom and his mother getting ready for the big day. 

-Tons of fun dance moves allllll. night. long.

The previous post is all about the beautiful bride, Kelly, getting ready- so if missed that, don't forget to check it out here!

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Moorestown Engagement: Devin & Nicole

Four days before Christmas I met up with Devin and Nicole for their engagement session. The previous weekend, it was freezing and the roads were covered with ice... but this particular Saturday in December was 70 degrees. It was a welcome surprise. Devin and Nicole are two, fun-loving sports fans and you can't help but smile when you're around them. I found myself smiling as I edited their photographs recounting their jokes and the expressions we captured. We started at Devin's childhood home, then ventured to a field in Moorestown that I've been eying up for quite some time. I can't wait for their November wedding! 2014-01-03_0012014-01-03_0022014-01-03_0032014-01-03_0042014-01-03_0052014-01-03_0062014-01-03_0072014-01-03_0082014-01-03_009

Friday Bride Day: What should I wear to the engagement shoot?

What should I wear to the engagement shoot? This can be a difficult decision and ultimately it depends on your style as a couple. I always advise my couples to compliment each other and not necessarily dress to "match." The days of wearing matching jeans and a white shirt are long gone. See some examples below of how past clients have totally pulled off complimenting, but not matching.

Whatever you choose- remember it should be something you are comfortable in and reflects your style!

Friday Bride Day: Will I get ALL of the photographs you take?

Will I get ALL of the photographs you take? I was a bride not too long ago. Three (short) years ago, I was asking the same question. I wanted to know exactly how many photographs I could expect, and if I was getting every. single. photograph.

In short, the answer is no. Not what you wanted to hear, right? Let me explain. My job as a photographer is to document your day, as if I was a friend attending your day, I'm telling the story of how everything happened. I can do that without showing every single photograph (which could be upward of a couple of thousand photographs)- sometimes I take a photograph thats out of focus, sometimes my clients blink, sometimes someone walks in front of my shot and it becomes less than ideal. These are photographs you do not want, and frankly, do not meet my standard. I want my clients to have only the best.

Don't get me wrong, if I shoot a series of photographs and they are all awesome- I'm giving them to my client. On the other hand, if I shoot a serious of photographs and they look something like this -ehh, ehh, ehh, blurry, ehh, BAM, ehh... I'm giving my client the BAM shot.

Let's talk numbers. It's safe to say that when I shoot a wedding with a second shooter, we average about 100 photographs per hour together. So let's say you have 6 hours of coverage, you can expect about 600 photographs. What if I got 700 that I thought were amazing, do I stop once I get to 600? NO WAY! I give you all of the excellent photographs I have! When I hear of photographers giving clients thousands of photographs- I think they are doing them a disservice. It is simply overwhelming to try to create/organize/print that many photographs.

In short, TRUST your photographer. When someone hires me, I assume that they trust my judgement. I would never hold out on a client and hold back from any great photographs! Many of my clients become my friends, and I treat them as I would my best friend. I want them to be genuinely astounded with their photographs and will give them every amazing shot I can.

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Smithville Mansion Engagement: Kevin and Kelly

Kevin and Kelly got engaged just two short months ago at Kevin's 30th birthday celebration. Friends and family surrounded them, as everybody knew what was about to happen... except Kelly. During a German birthday tradition, Kevin got down on one knee and asked Kelly for her hand in marriage... Have goosebumps yet? Kudos to Kevin for the planning and bravery of such an amazing and memorable engagement! Kevin and Kelly have been in full-swing wedding mode since then choosing a super cute venue, picking colors, and even special wedding shoes for both bride and groom ;) We got together one evening at historic Smithville Mansion in Mount Holly for their engagement session. Smithville is a wonderful place to shoot because there is so much variety and its so quaint and quiet. Every time I'm there, I come across something new- it's like a little adventure. Anyway- Kevin and Kelly are one of those funny couples who love to joke around and just enjoy each other- did I mention this makes for fabulous engagement photographs? The proof is here! I cannot wait to document the best day of their lives next August!

Hair by Kate Spencer Hairstyling

Friday Bride Day: Who do I need to feed?

This week's question is a common one: Do I have to feed my vendors? It's a question every bride has to think about... do you feed your photographer, dj, musicians, etc?

A wedding day can be a very long day- especially for a photographer. The photographer is with you when you get into your dress until the last dance... of course we are having a blast, but we do get hungry too! I would suggest anyone who is going to be working at your wedding for four or more hours is probably worthy of a meal. I'm pretty sure it's a known fact- people that have full bellies are happier workers than hungry workers! If you aren't sure, just ask! Some vendors actually require meals or they may leave your wedding to get a meal- better to just ask before the big day so everyone is on the same page.

Cheers to delish wedding food and happy vendors <3

Friday Bride Day: To bring the pup or not?

This week's question is close to my heart: Can I bring our dog to our engagement session? You're getting married and the two of you are starting your own family. Well, maybe you already have another family member or two- pets! My last two engagement sessions included pups and to be honest... I LOVE it! How could I not? I have a little, furry man at home that stole my heart, Pixel. My husband and I included Pixel in our own engagement shoot.

I think the answer depends on your photographer. I always tell couples that I would love if their pet could join us at the beginning of the engagement session for about 20 minutes and that their pup comes accompanied by a handler that can take the pup home while we finish the engagement session.

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