Friday Bride Day: Will I get ALL of the photographs you take?

Will I get ALL of the photographs you take? I was a bride not too long ago. Three (short) years ago, I was asking the same question. I wanted to know exactly how many photographs I could expect, and if I was getting every. single. photograph.

In short, the answer is no. Not what you wanted to hear, right? Let me explain. My job as a photographer is to document your day, as if I was a friend attending your day, I'm telling the story of how everything happened. I can do that without showing every single photograph (which could be upward of a couple of thousand photographs)- sometimes I take a photograph thats out of focus, sometimes my clients blink, sometimes someone walks in front of my shot and it becomes less than ideal. These are photographs you do not want, and frankly, do not meet my standard. I want my clients to have only the best.

Don't get me wrong, if I shoot a series of photographs and they are all awesome- I'm giving them to my client. On the other hand, if I shoot a serious of photographs and they look something like this -ehh, ehh, ehh, blurry, ehh, BAM, ehh... I'm giving my client the BAM shot.

Let's talk numbers. It's safe to say that when I shoot a wedding with a second shooter, we average about 100 photographs per hour together. So let's say you have 6 hours of coverage, you can expect about 600 photographs. What if I got 700 that I thought were amazing, do I stop once I get to 600? NO WAY! I give you all of the excellent photographs I have! When I hear of photographers giving clients thousands of photographs- I think they are doing them a disservice. It is simply overwhelming to try to create/organize/print that many photographs.

In short, TRUST your photographer. When someone hires me, I assume that they trust my judgement. I would never hold out on a client and hold back from any great photographs! Many of my clients become my friends, and I treat them as I would my best friend. I want them to be genuinely astounded with their photographs and will give them every amazing shot I can.

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