South Street Engagement: Cassie + Vinny

Cassie and Vinny know all the great spots in Philly. Their history is spread up and down South Street in Philadelphia. We started off at Philadelphia's Magic Gardens in the midst of colorful mosaics. Next, we headed to their favorite BBQ Bar- Percy Street Bar. Did I mention this was the most charming little bar I've ever seen? Vinny, a total foodie, told me about the amazing cuisine over a glass of Black Maple Hills bourbon. Lastly, we walked a few more blocks to the bar, Tattooed Mom. Cassie and Vinny had one of their first dates upstairs, surrounded by graffiti, while sitting in a bumper car. Cassie, not only are you stunning, but you'd make a fabulous Philly tour guide! I've been to South Street a million times, but next time I go, I'll be thinking of these two lovebirds! styled-pink-philadelphia-engagement-1styled-pink-philadelphia-engagement-2styled-pink-philadelphia-engagement-3styled-pink-philadelphia-engagement-4styled-pink-philadelphia-engagement-5styled-pink-philadelphia-engagement-6styled-pink-philadelphia-engagement-7styled-pink-philadelphia-engagement-8styled-pink-philadelphia-engagement-9styled-pink-philadelphia-engagement-10styled-pink-philadelphia-engagement-11styled-pink-philadelphia-engagement-12styled-pink-philadelphia-engagement-13