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Race Street Pier, Philadelphia Engagement: Paul and Christy

I met up with Christy and Paul at Race Street Pier in Philadelphia for their engagement session. On a windy day, we strolled just below the Ben Franklin Bridge to capture some gorgeous images for their Save the Dates and to get them comfortable in front of my camera. The benefit of it being a windy day is that we had the pier practically to ourselves. I love the bright blue just under the bridge- made for gorgeous photographs!

Moorestown Engagement: Devin & Nicole

Four days before Christmas I met up with Devin and Nicole for their engagement session. The previous weekend, it was freezing and the roads were covered with ice... but this particular Saturday in December was 70 degrees. It was a welcome surprise. Devin and Nicole are two, fun-loving sports fans and you can't help but smile when you're around them. I found myself smiling as I edited their photographs recounting their jokes and the expressions we captured. We started at Devin's childhood home, then ventured to a field in Moorestown that I've been eying up for quite some time. I can't wait for their November wedding! 2014-01-03_0012014-01-03_0022014-01-03_0032014-01-03_0042014-01-03_0052014-01-03_0062014-01-03_0072014-01-03_0082014-01-03_009

Penn's Landing Engagement: Janelle & Shaun

On December 15th, a cold and icy morning, I met Janelle and Shaun at Penn's Landing in Philadelphia. One year ago, Janelle and Shaun came to Penn's Landing to go ice skating and just have fun… or so Janelle thought. While strolling along the water, Shaun proposed to Janelle, and the rest is history! I love that we were able to go there for their engagement session, and clearly, spending the day at Penn's Landing will become a tradition they do every December 15th!

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South Street Engagement: Cassie + Vinny

Cassie and Vinny know all the great spots in Philly. Their history is spread up and down South Street in Philadelphia. We started off at Philadelphia's Magic Gardens in the midst of colorful mosaics. Next, we headed to their favorite BBQ Bar- Percy Street Bar. Did I mention this was the most charming little bar I've ever seen? Vinny, a total foodie, told me about the amazing cuisine over a glass of Black Maple Hills bourbon. Lastly, we walked a few more blocks to the bar, Tattooed Mom. Cassie and Vinny had one of their first dates upstairs, surrounded by graffiti, while sitting in a bumper car. Cassie, not only are you stunning, but you'd make a fabulous Philly tour guide! I've been to South Street a million times, but next time I go, I'll be thinking of these two lovebirds! styled-pink-philadelphia-engagement-1styled-pink-philadelphia-engagement-2styled-pink-philadelphia-engagement-3styled-pink-philadelphia-engagement-4styled-pink-philadelphia-engagement-5styled-pink-philadelphia-engagement-6styled-pink-philadelphia-engagement-7styled-pink-philadelphia-engagement-8styled-pink-philadelphia-engagement-9styled-pink-philadelphia-engagement-10styled-pink-philadelphia-engagement-11styled-pink-philadelphia-engagement-12styled-pink-philadelphia-engagement-13

Friday Bride Day: What should I wear to the engagement shoot?

What should I wear to the engagement shoot? This can be a difficult decision and ultimately it depends on your style as a couple. I always advise my couples to compliment each other and not necessarily dress to "match." The days of wearing matching jeans and a white shirt are long gone. See some examples below of how past clients have totally pulled off complimenting, but not matching.

Whatever you choose- remember it should be something you are comfortable in and reflects your style!

Friday Bride Day- Wedding Day Schedule

How can I make sure my wedding day goes as smoothly as possible? All brides want a flawless wedding day with no disasters. One way to avoid disaster is to make a schedule. Sounds silly right? We get ready, go to the church and go to the reception- so what is there to schedule? Face it- a bridesmaid forgot her shoes at her house, the boutonnieres weren't delivered to the correct place, the best man is missing and your uncle is late! I find that sitting with my brides and creating a schedule for their big day really helps to avoid disasters (and sometimes even hiccups) on their big day. I also encourage the bride to share the schedule with their bridal party and family. It is so important to let the key players of your day know your expectations prior to the day of the wedding. I'm not saying to print out a copy for each member in the bridal party and have them take an oath to memorize it- but to at least take a look at it before the wedding day. I have an assistant with a watch and the schedule printed out to help keep us all on time!

Here's a sample schedule below.

12:00 PM • Photographer arrives to bride (Bridesmaids should have hair and makeup finished. Bride should be finishing up.) • Photographer arrives to groom

1:00 PM • Groom and Groomsmen leave for church

1:15 PM • Bride and Bridesmaids leave for church

2:00 PM • Ceremony Begins

2:45 PM • Formal Exit- Rose Pedals (Photographers will assemble guests)

3:00 PM • Family Formal Portraits at Church

3:30 PM • Leave for Reception Venue

4:00 PM • Bridal Party Portraits (All Bridal Party meet in the front entrance of venue directly after exiting limo)

4:30 PM • Bride and Groom Formal Portraits

5:00 PM • Bride and Groom leave to enjoy remainder of cocktail hour

6:00 PM • Reception Begins

10:00 PM • Reception Ends

Even with a schedule, there might be times throughout the day where things are running ahead or behind, but I find that working with a schedule tremendously helps the flow of the wedding day. I would love to hear about your thoughts on a schedule. Are you planning on having one? Why or why not?

Barnegat Lighthouse Engagement: Rose and Joe

I met Rose and Joe on a warm July evening at Barnegat Lighthouse to capture their engagement session. Rose and Joe came ready to have some fun- maybe a little bit too much! I love shoots like this because it feels like hanging out with friends! We had lots of laughs and even more great shots. I love that they brought their adorable little guy, Riley, who was just as photogenic as his mom and dad. I can't wait until I see you again at your wedding- clearly it is going to be a good time!

One year ago...

Today is a happy, happy day at Styled Pink! One year ago, we registered our business and made it official. Prior to this, photography was a hobby- but I wanted it to be more. So last year, with my husband by my side- we decided to register Styled Pink and turn it from a hobby into a profession. There were lots of things to learn about (that weren't always fun) like paying New Jersey sales tax, buying insurance, and lots of accounting. We couldn't be happier one year later! We've met so many wonderful clients (some of which have turned into good friends) and helped capture special times in our clients' lives. This coming year will be an interesting one! We'll start off by welcoming a baby in the fall! During this time, we're going to focus on our 2014 brides and booking shoots in between changing diapers and making bottles. We plan on getting back into shooting again in November (just in time for the holidays)- and at that time we'll be back to business as usual. We plan on focusing on weddings, engagements, family and children shoots.

Thank you so much to everyone who has made this first year so amazing! I'm so excited to see how Styled Pink will grow and all of the wonderful people we will meet this year! I think tonight I'll pour myself a fancy glass of apple cider to celebrate!

Smithville Mansion Wedding: Jessica & Tom

Well... not quite a wedding- more of an anniversary shoot. Jessica and Tom were married five years ago. They decided to commemorate their perfect day by putting on the clothes that they wore that day (props to all gals who can fit into their dress five years and one kid later!) and heading out for a photo shoot. Did I mention who did Jessica's hair and makeup? The wonderful Kate Spencer provided the romantic updo, and Paula Miller with the flawless makeup. I'm pretty sure that these two practiced their poses and faces before they came- they seriously brought it on. Models! I had such a great time celebrating five wonderful years with them. You two are amazing! <3

Bogey's Club and Cafe Wedding: Everest & Allison

They were married on a warm June day. Every handmade detail was placed perfectly, the girls were looking gorgeous in their pale pink dresses, and the guys ready to go in their suspenders. I can't imagine how long Allison, the stunning bride, and her bridesmaids worked on every DIY detail of her rustic/romantic wedding. The ceremony set the tone of the wedding- there wasn't a dry eye in the room by the time the first kiss came. After Everest and Allison became husband and wife, we took the bridal party to a beautiful white barn Allison had found where we had some fun! Finally, we headed to Bogey's Club and Cafe in Sewell, New Jersey for the white tent reception. Everest and Allison's wedding was absolutely perfect! Enjoy!