Philadelphia Art Museum Wedding: Brittany & Brett

Brittany and Brett got married in June in beautiful Jamaica. We decided to get together when they got home for a just married shoot on their own turf. The weather that day was above 100 degrees and there was a thunderstorm rolling in.  We loaded up in the car with the A/C blasting, lots of bottled water, and crossed fingers to make the best of it at the Art Museum in Philadelphia (one of my absolute favorite places to shoot). I will just say Brittany and Brett are way more brave than I am! There was thunder and lightning and I kept saying "Are you sure you guys want to keep going? We can go back to the car!" and Brittany, so radiant and adventurous, was assuring me that everything was okay. I'm pretty sure she thinks I'm a huge baby now... I don't care! We got some amazing images! Love you Brittany, Brett, and Holden (cutest family every!)! P.S. The gorgeous flowers are from Savannah's Garden. Absolutely perfect!